The faces of the Drama Club at Southwestern

These are some of the sixty members of Scarborough Drama Club! (PHOTOS BY MARISSA HENRICH) It has been my joy getting to know these bright, creative Christians as we work on the Lady and the Girl, Tacubaya and Chin. From the top let me explain who they are:

  1. Sergio Rodríguez was my student in Late Antiquity, and definitely a good candidate to play the strong, silent type! An actor and set constructor, he is currently working closely with the sets team on Lady and the Girl. He hails from Honduras.
  2. Kaytlynn Johnson is an integral part of our outreach and fundraising team. She is currently the grants coordinator for Scarborough Drama Club and researches grants as well as travels for outreach to local churches. She comes from Longview, Texas. I got to know her because she helped tremendously in trying to figure out certain grants tied to urban revitalization. One fruit of her grant work is the opportunity for the Club to perform at an event commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Flying Dutchman‘s arrival in Virginia…. More details on that soon, we hope!
  3. Tenecia Gaines studied with me in both Late Antiquity and the Medieval Seminar. She is the cornerstone holding up our whole club right now, since she has the lead role (Lizzie) in Lady and the Girl. It has been a great joy walking with her in her growth both as a scholar and actress. I am sure that she’ll leave her mark on the stage when she brings the long forgotten story of Elizabeth Keckley to life.
  4. Kristen Patrick studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I have had the privilege of running scenes with her from time to time. Her talents lie in both acting and creative writing. I hope I can get to know her better as all our plays take shape and — once I can get a break from the hectic pace of getting Lady and the Girl off the ground, I can connect with new Club members on other projects.
  5. Virginia Ward has never studied with me but I feel I know her, especially because she landed the role of Mary. Distinguished by her energy and passion for understanding a role, she will surely interpret the historical figure of Mary Todd Lincoln in a new light. We can’t reveal too much, because we don’t want to spoil the surprise! But she is definitely working on a new angle for the misunderstood first lady who “made the man who ended slavery.”
  6. Dillon Forbes has studied with me in Renaissance & Reformation and will be playing Alex Todd in Lady and the Girl. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and see how he has mastered and crafted the character of Mary’s brother.
  7. Hildah Masango studies at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary but I know her from the Club. She is a real delight to work with, and will be playing the role of Harriett in the play. Her home is Zimbabwe but she has quickly grown into the role of the smart, headstrong seamstress who makes dresses for Julia Grant (to know more, you must see the play!)
  8. Glenn Melvin currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves and brings to the Club a wealth of professional and creative experience, having studied both history and drama before getting into a course of study for the chaplaincy. Don’t let his bright red hair fool you–he is our Abraham Lincoln and contributes mightily to Lady and the Girl.
  9. Matthew Broker served in the United States Marine Corps and now acts as Treasurer of the Club, overseeing the fundraising, outreach, sets, and costume teams. I got to teach him in both Writing and Early Western Civilization. When you get to know Matt, you will quickly come to cherish his friendship. A helpful and hardworking guy, always a loyal friend and the first one to volunteer for a task.
  10. Meredith Goff comes from California but like me now calls Texas home. A hardworking and culturally curious student who has set her sights on Missions, she leads the Writing Team of the Drama Club and is currently working closely with Justin Crawford on Tacubaya, a play that will come out in 2021. Meredith is one of those rare types who combines diligence and creativity–a winning combination!
  11. Brittany Clubine is the team leader for Fundraising and designed our T-shirts! She will also play the role of Adele Douglas in Lady and the Girl. I’ve benefited tremendously from her hard work and bright ideas about organizing. She has also been a great credit to the Club on outreach missions to local churches and organizations.

These are just some of the faces of Scarborough Drama–but each of them makes me proud to work on the Club!