Bradford to Drama Club: Key to Racial Reconciliation Must Be the Gospel

Today was the first meeting of the Drama Club in its new gathering spot–the Truett Auditorium beside the Rotunda. The new space allows the dramatists better rehearsing. But it was also an honor to hold our first meeting in Truett with guest commentary from Professor of Evangelism, Dr. Carl Bradford. Dr. Bradford built upon some of the remarks made earlier by Dr. George Yancey (on March 27). Dr. Bradford stressed the centrality of Biblical principles in attempting better relations between white and black Americans, emphasizing that we must see others not through the lens of popular culture, but the way in which God sees His creations. The only major distinction that matters to God is the division between the saved and unsaved–other categories such as race, ethnicity, and language are not integral to the Lord’s creation of people in the Imago Dei. Sensitivity matters, but the best way to bridge racial divides is always to foreground what God’s view of people consists of. Hence, Dr. Bradford stated that white evangelicals who care about abortion but dismiss police brutality and black evangelicals who care about police brutality but dismiss abortion…are both wrong. Any mistreatment of the imago dei, be it unborn or grown, matters. But Dr. Bradford counseled the Drama Club members not to fall into partisanship or partiality in social media chatter. To stop someone from encouraging abortion or from overreacting to what they perceive as a threat from a black person, the first thing we must do, Dr. Bradford says, is bring the person to Jesus Christ.